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The Mirror Lake Hotel Shaoxing (Shaoxing Jianhu Dajiudian) is a garden style hotel located close to the Keyan Scenic Area,  a popular national tourist attraction. Guests can also easily reach National Highway 104. This Shaoxing hotel houses suites,  twin and queen rooms. There is also a VIP building offering more exclusive accommodations. On-site dining options include Chinese,  Western and Japanese cuisines.

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住客评论 2765条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
    Very good hotel, far from the urban areas, the air is fresh and the rooms were old, things are bad, twists of the room, to the lobby to walk farther.
  • cobyoyo
    Hotel side door directly into the environment, keyan scenic spot
  • dsyxcw
    Breakfast service not feeling well
  • diabao890804
    Nice facility a little old
  • fcwryule
    In very convenient next to the scenic landscape is also very good
  • etgroup
    To the hotel 8:30 already, and although you can understand Chinese restaurant was closed, but the Curt service unacceptable, conformity and 5 stars
  • litongyu
    It's OK
  • scafb457
    Keyan scenic spot near environment good! but scheduled administrative double room is not in the main building are disappointed! and room on the first floor! breakfast is way! hotel facilities is relatively old! but the service is quite satisfactory! overall can be! will stay next time!
  • bufan
    Keyan scenic area, convenient to visit scenic spots. environment, capable of five-star
  • wales
    Hotel restaurant in Shaoxing cuisine is authentic, affordable prices, it's long, it may be because business is so good, the waiter a bit less.
  • weiwang
    Jianhu Lake scenic area is in close proximity, good environment, architecture and antique, facilities very good. Chinese restaurant within the hotel zero very affordable, very good! can also offer Chien-buy tickets ... the only downside is the hotel covers an area of, from the lobby to your room go very far.
  • aurora2009
    Pretty good hotel, near keyan scenic area, room was large, breakfast also good. the ointment is, to 5 floor elevator is broken, can only take another 4 buildings, and then take the stairs; the room's Wi-Fi signal is not very good.
  • posa2007
    Very good hotel, live three times.
  • d02255866
    Complaint handling efficiency or the hotel, but the gym treadmill is bad, still provided for guest use, risk is very large, needs to be improved
  • stonesomg
    Very high quality hotel, booked family room, two large bed and a small bed, just two children slept. Big tub and children's toys, the kids are happy. Dinner in the restaurant was also very authentic, price is very close to the people. Is the last baby to get a room's dolls, consulted with the front desk and told not to take. think of just a few small toys, don't have much money, gifts, children must also be happy.Parent-child theme of his five-star hotel children gifts special. also, if you don't get away, think of small children playing with toys is held, after I do not know how to disinfect, children play behind that, if health is not so good control. it is recommended to give quite user-friendly.
  • easyanan
    Very beautiful! services while looking for hotel encountered some bad! but Hotel good service thank you! the surrounding beauty!
  • gary_yin
    5-star hotel general couples are satisfied. Shaoxing, Chinese restaurant offers local cuisine Hang Bang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, taste pretty good. restaurant with buffet, original price is 158 guests be 108, where price, so don't ask for too much.
  • deepBlueOcean
    Hotels can often stay, comfort
  • billjoe
    Which is very nice
  • jane1123sg
    Ahead of has nearly a months set of room, Festival was full. hotel on in keyan scenic near, foot on to of distance, away from urban also on drive ten minutes, very convenient. hotel is big, big to rooms are partition has, from rooms go to lobby to go is long, also can select from outside go, trees set off elegant Yi people. the aspects facilities construction are compared perfect, room big, but bed narrow has points. breakfast is good, worthy of is another pay need 80 of. Chinese Office dining environment slightlyNoisy, because didn't in across between, selected has a lobby. dish is delicious, fish now pick now killed, but to note a problem, we at because has old has small so didn't with kitchen fight, is we selected has a article 6-7 pounds of fish, respectively made chop pepper fish head and fish soup, fish soup didn't problem, delicious very; fish head small to with fish body disproportionate, fleshy also completely cannot and fish body par, estimated is chop pepper fish head need ahead of pickled, so with has yiqian others pick of fish of fish head... For fish heads don't mind waiting longer can point out the problem.
  • litong
    Third, very satisfied, MOM and Dad for dinner in a Chinese restaurant to eat, very value-for-money, satisfied satisfied very satisfied, key attractions, walks, sufficient car parking spaces, is recommended
  • Caroli
    Room was a bit small and not luxurious, equipment, four and a half stars
  • winnie25809555
    Heard good resort
  • igane
    Also OK!.
  • tianyanwen1985
    Jianhu Lake, near keyan, too many people coming and going!
  • bewise
    Hotel is very near keyan scenic spot, nice kids swimming at night you can walk in the nearby is the breakfast nothing to eat and more than 1.30 m children to pay 88 does not match the price and variety of breakfast for dinner at the hotel's Chinese restaurant meal prices are relatively affordable
  • putterace
    Just beside the scenic area, room was very clean, service is also very good!
    Very satisfied, very happy holidays.
  • cjeric
    Well well well-Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey
  • aggie5
    A very good environment and fresh air, quiet, and
  • cfriend
    Fortunately, average five-star hotels, has almost no what characteristics
  • anliegen
    Hotel is a bit old renovated facilities noise a little, but nice room.
  • e00938423
    Can be said to live in 5-star service is the worst! is to view the results of open later is called Yu Yuan Chinese restaurant service is very bad, waiters serve the food with chopsticks after toggling guest dishes taste so disgusting people because my seat after secret service eyes thought that the invisible! find them anymore
  • dnjatpl
    Hotel overall is OK, is the bug bites at night leg, swollen several
  • fjj112481
    ; 5, environment good, service is very intimate.
  • e04770724
    Comfort and excellent value for money, can't even imagine better, 348/Sunday night early/superior twin/double room/2*1.35 bed/four, later lived in Shaoxing hotel, quiet, hotel is particularly large, Green good, ample parking, buffet/108 is also worth eating
  • junjen
    Convenience is, hotels and some old, but overall OK.
  • mosintercn
    Well very close to scenic attractions
  • ousen
    Very good hotel, floors are not high but the feeling of great gardens, surrounded by green ... service was very helpful, free upgrade to deluxe room, also has a small gift is perfect for family fun. travelers most suited to visit keyan, keyan buy tickets as long as the Hall 85~o ( ' ' ) o, is equal to the subsidy rate, it was a great
  • scatjiang
    Swimming water clean enough, after the two friends eyes itching
  • wxynwxyn
    Nice hotel with very good service should be strengthened.
  • mirage4000
    That's good
  • badwai
    To up-grade, very satisfied, convenient parking, the hotel is the garden, from the scenic area close, is worth living.
  • lawyert
    Hotel near jianhu Lake, around environment is for walking, quiet air is good. hotel lobby also line, front desk one male waiter is arrogance, was wants to note workers, complaints, wants to wants to forget, living are not easy. night of buffet 1081 bit, provides drink beverage of Cup winecup so big, not know occurred has what to save to so, II floor Kara OK not closed noisy died has. didn't see had five-star hotel Hotel so, I and husband are shocked has. around can walk dinner of placeAlmost no breakfast part of the rest of the food is buffet in the evening, is very general. so cheap hotels business, services are not high.
  • dynamoginger
    Environment is very bright and clean, Hotel Nice, rooms and restaurants have done in separate districts, noise, few restaurants are very good, the price is not expensive. travel more convenient, nearby attractions, and really recommend it.
  • mandy_wenmen
    Surroundings, hotel facilities are too old
  • aroboo
    Nice, next to the scenic spot, a bit far from the Center, but dinner is also very convenient. overall satisfaction.
  • e00231856
    Location is good, the hardware can only service needs to be improved, staff also have to enhance training.
  • Iris1127
    Decoration of the hotel still has not cleared, services are not in place, clean room, towels not changed, toilet paper is not added, and of the rest of the hotel was good, breakfast was rather dull, not much variety
  • candy415
    Room was a bit damp smell, barely four stars, five-star was not enough; 108 buffets do not have what to eat, it was really worth it, if it weren't for going keqiao sights really won't go live